Our Vendors

Black Hills Urban Greens

Using organic growing processes, Black Hills Urban Greens provides fresh, nutrient rich, microgreens to the local community.


Products can be purchased at the farmers market or ordered by email at urbangreens@blackhillsurbangreens.com

Cascade Farms

We have fresh vegetables and farm fresh eggs available for sale during their season. We have canned jam, relish, salsa, and pickles for sale all year. We also carry live bait and tackle for the fisherman.

Denison Country Farm

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Kenny and Frances Denison. We live on a farm just outside of Hot Springs, SD.
We have non-GMO pork, poultry & pasture raised eggs.
This year we are offering our meat birds both as whole and ready to fry chicken pieces. Our pork is USDA Inspected. 
We also plan to offer both thanksgiving turkeys and ground Turkey meat for people who would like an alternative to beef.
Last but not least we are selling our vermicompost (worm compost). Healthy plants repel bugs and disease. Vermicompost has all of the good bacteria and microorganisms that plants relish making them grow and produce bigger crops.

InFaith Crafts

3 generations working together to create fun and unique products, that are made with Love and Care! Offering Hand-Made Dream Catchers, Jewelry, Wall Decor, Hand Painted Pop culture Art plus so much more!!!


If you like Witches and Wizards, I have a themed area of Harry Potter inspired Products, including Potions and one-of-a-kind Jewelry! Not everything is posted online to buy, some of the products are Only Available at the Farmers Market, so make sure to swing by!!

Odom Poultry Farm

Incredible Farm Fresh Eggs from Incredible Chickens and Hand-Crafted baskets. 


Also offering Pickled Eggs in Yummy Flavors! Happily accepting Card Payments for any purchase over $5.

Roaming Lola LLC

Roaming Lola is an imaginative curation of handmade crafts, foods inspired by a love of travel and on-going passion for plants. All pieces are unique and produced right here in Hot Springs, SD

Serendipity Farmstead

Serendipity Farmstead is all about healthy food from rich soil and healthy animals. We practice balance – plants can’t grow without animals and animals can’t grow without plants. When done properly, there is no need for chemicals for any reason. We have farmed this way for the past 6 years and our customers can taste the difference!


We believe that “you are what you eat, eats”.  So we raise pastured grass fed beef and yak, pastured pork and lamb, pastured chicken and free range eggs.  All our animals are free range supplemented with non GMO grains, allowing them free choice of food and plenty of room for exercise.  Our 27 acre pasture supplies a diverse menu of grasses, legumes and bugs for our critters to enjoy.  We sell direct from our farm store located inside Two Cows Creamery in Hot Springs as well as through an a la carte CSA program.

The Spicy Itch

The Spicy Itch works hard to create a unique flavor experience for your taste buds! We at some point we have meat rubs geared for smoking and grilling. There are exceptionally hot varieties with reaper, scorpion, ghost, and Habanero. 


We have also created a delicious custom block you did a delicious custom bloody Mary mix!! Come visit the Spicy Itch.

Stacy Cope

Our company is run by dedicated family members who live 2 hours apart. We look forward sharing our Passion with the public we spend the winner creating the very things that bring us peace in a very busy life. 


 When customers purchase our products, they are supporting my children and grandchildren and allow me to be creative it’s the way I like to live! 


Offering fresh sweet breads, jam, honey and eggs as well as beaded items, toddler T-shirts. onesies and plants. You can also purchase products online!

Stunningham Farms

We are a local organic vegetable farm providing quality produce at an affordable price!  Currently Offering Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, eggs, Meat and Baked goods. We have an amazing New Website that tells you a little more about us and showcases the Farm in Photos and gives you a better idea of the products we will have to offer you!

Make sure to come check us out at the Farmers Market every Friday now Thru September 30th to see what new items we have available for you and your family, fresh for your table and your tummy!  Wishing you a Healthy Diet and a Happy Life!

Sunflowers & Sugar Cookies

“I love all things ART—especially sunflowers— and baking sugar cookies and other dough recipes!”

                                                                     ~ Rachel Utecht

Tailor's Cotton Candy

Come check out the Flavors that we have today for you!!!


Freshness is key to quality cotton candy, that’s why we freshly make each batch right here at the Farmers Market! Come Watch the Magic happen right in front of your eyes!

Why Local is Better!

  • Good for Your Body – Local produce is fresher because it doesn’t have to travel as far before it is consumed and can be picked at its peak ripeness. Once plants are picked, the important nutrients they contain, like Vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as Calcium, Fiber, and Potassium, begin to deteriorate. Furthermore, during transportation produce can also be exposed to air, different temperatures, and artificial lighting, all of which can impact the nutritional value of the plants. This means that local, fresh produce is more nutritious than produce grown in other parts of the country and, therefore, better for your body.
  • Good for the Environment – Another reason fresh produce is important is that it is good for the environment. Many local farmers grow their food without hormones or pesticides, making sure the environment stays clean and safe from pollutants. The success of local farms is also important for the environment because they help protect the land they occupy, which is also full of other plants and wildlife. If the farms were failing, the land would most likely be sold to developers who would build on the land, eliminating the natural habitat many species rely on.
  • Good for the Community – Fresh produce also provides jobs on farms in your local area, which boosts the local economy. The farmers also need to sell their crops at places like farmer’s markets, which help to support other local businesses as well. Farming fresh, local produce also helps provide food for those in need as farmers often donate some of their produce to local food banks and other organizations feeding the hungry.